Vietnamese Restaurant Nashville

From Refugee to Remarkable Restaurant

How Miss Saigon is living the American Dream and serving Nashville!

miss-saigon-boatImagine a family of immigrants who left Vietnam in 1993. They were rescued at sea only to end up in refugee camps. After 3 1/2 years in camps, they were granted asylum in the United States. Their incredible journey from Vietnam to United States has given them an heart for people and for diversity.

The Nguyen family settled in Nashville and worked hard to establish themselves. With great determination Miss Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant was born.

As immigrants to this country, who suffered and endured, they make an extra special effort in the Nashville community to welcome everyone.  Miss Saigon is, at heart, not just a restaurant, but a community and a family.

miss-saigon-vietnamese-restarauntMiss Saigon serves up a variety of Vietnamese cuisine from Vermicelli dishes, to many people’s favorite beef noodle soup, known as Pho, which the family says is prepared with love and gratitude for America, Nashville, and the growing community of loyal customers.

Their gratitude for America creates an  atmosphere of true community at Miss Saigon, while preparing the finest Vietnamese dishes and serving customers like friends and family.

Come visit Miss Saigon at 5849 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209.  You won’t regret it. Call ahead to order out at 615 354 1351 or view the menu here!